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New era for Dodds Records
A Grand Rapids institution

Michigan Radio Stateside
Cynthia Canty | January 2014



Vinyl records...

The sight and sound of an LP can unleash torrents (not BIT Torrents - cuz that would be wrong) of sentiment and memories for those who grew up dropping that needle onto a shiny record. And if you've grown up only downloading your music digitally, you need to know that there’s nothing finer than wandering through the aisles of a record store – a record store like Dodds Records in Grand Rapids, which has served music lovers for some 30 years.

With a new owner who is committed to keeping the love of records alive, the future for the venerable Grand Rapids business is looking bright. *Edited by Rev Charles Preston Smith :)

Dodd's Not Giving Up

Justin Stover and Ryan Cappelletti | June 2011

On 20 Division Avenue, just beside the intersection of Division and Fulton, sits a gray and white building. Outside the front door is a sign shaped like a vinyl record. It reads, "Dodd's Record Shop: New & Used Vinyl." But don't let this simple building and sign fool you. Dodd's Record Shop is a music lover's paradise; one that's been holding its own for 60 years.

Heartside record shop to showcase memories

Dan Steenwyk | Feb 2014

Dodds Record Shop, a business on the Avenue for the Arts for over 30 years, is being refashioned into a museum of Grand Rapids music history by new owner Rev Charles Preston Smith.

Dodds Record Shop
Record Store Day Parade!

Stateside: Michigan Public Radio
Lester Graham | April 2016



Tomorrow is National Record Store Day...

You might have to look hard to find a record store today, but there’s been a resurgence in the popularity of vinyl which also has led to an increase in the sale of record players. Someone who’s been dusting off some old LPs for a while now is Rev Charles Preston Smith.

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A new era for Dodds Records

Audria Larsen | January 2014


In a combination of personal nostalgia, analog inclinations and the desire to preserve cultural history in Grand Rapids, Dodds Records, local mainstay for almost five decades, will persist, thanks to the efforts, passion and fervor of Rev Charles Preston Smith.

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